Hot Tubs

Our premium quality hot tubs are all hand-made in New Zealand by skilled craftsmen.

We combine the beautiful natural look of Canadian cedar and a user-friendly polyethylene liner together with thick insulation, the latest in pump technology with an ozonator for chlorine-free  water treatment.

Why choose our tubs?

Our hot tubs utilize a user-friendly polyethylene liner which has many advantages over the ‘old generation’ full cedar tubs including;


  • Provides a leak free tub
  • Produces no water discolouration
  • More hygienic and easier to clean
  • Better insulation so cheaper running costs
  • No wood rot and breaking down of the cedar walls so a longer tub life span

Other features we offer;

  • The latest in pump and heating technology (Australian SpaNet) with optional Wi-Fi connectivity
  • American made ozonator included for use in conjunction with Simple Silver which is a chlorine-free, more natural water treatment option
  • Water resistant polyester insulation inside the tub wall which makes our tubs super efficient saving you money in running costs


Turn off the heating over the summer months and enjoy it as a ‘cool tub’ with your family.
A much cheaper option than expensive swimming pools which require year round maintainence with sometimes little use.


We can ship anywhere in New Zealand and Australia.

Spa Ozonator

Our tubs all come with an American made spa ozonator.
Simple Silver is our recommended choice for chlorine-free, more natural water treatment.

Tub Sizes

We offer 3 tub sizes;

  • Small (2-4 person)
  • Medium (4-6 person)
  • Large (6-8 person)


We offer 2 tub heights;

  • Full height (1150mm)
  • Shallow height (900mm)
Small (2-4 person) tub

Medium (4-6 person) tub

Large (6-8 person) tub

Our Story


We are an Auckland based company manufacturing all our hot tubs here in New Zealand to the highest of standards.


For many years, we produced cedar hot tubs the ‘old traditional’ way completely made from cedar wood.


However over time, we experienced that these traditional style cedar tubs had many disadvantages for the end user including leaking issues and higher running costs due to the lack of insulation.


So after much product re-design and re-development, we are now proud to only offer our ‘new generation’ cedar hot tubs which now provide our customers with a higher level of product satisfaction due to the user-friendly polyethelene liner and more efficient running costs.


“The pool is great at holding temperature – we turned it off after use about 9pm to see what it would be the next morning, and it had only dropped 1 degree! Our older spa would have been too luke warm to get in with the same test. So very impressed, also with the temp it gets to, and seems to maintain a lot better than our older one”……………Sue & Paul

“….we are very happy with it, it’s a great asset to our garden and looks really beautiful with the wood – our family have also commented on it saying it’s a really amazing looking spa.”………………..The Evans family

“Thank you for a fantastic product. Not only is it visually appealing with it’s beautiful cedar cladding topped with a really nice functional cover but it’s also very efficient with it’s wood/gas burner. The tub holds it’s temperature really well and requires just a top up with wood in the mornings. The polyethelene lining is great and makes it easy to keep clean. We are really enjoying the tub and are very happy with choosing Paradise for our tub…………………….Alex M.

“We are very happy with our hot tub that we chose, after lots of  research, because it combines effective insulation with the good looks of a cedar tub. The woodwork, both inside and out, is of extremely high quality and has a lovely rich colour. The 2-4 seater model is surprisingly roomy while not dominating our small patio area. Also thanks for good communcation and service”…………………………A. Markham

“… used the hot tub as a family for the first time and have truely enjoyed the experience. We are impressed with the insulation of the hot tub, how it keeps the water warm and how quickly it reheats.”…………………………Nicole V.

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Our hot tubs all come with the following features…

durable cedar wood tubs for sale

A tough and durable, UV stabilized inner shell made in New Zealand from polyethelene. This inner shell has many advantages over traditional cedar tubs including better hygiene, easier to clean, lower maintenance, longer life span, produces no water discolouration and makes the tub 100% water-tight with no leaking. Comes with a 10 year warranty. Standard colour is black (other colours available).

hot tub comfortable cedar radial seating

 Our hot tubs all come with 6 stainless steel massaging jets.

Paradise Hot Tubs with Drinks Shelf for sale nz

Curved cedar wood around the top of tub which provides a useful shelf and is a comfortable headrest.

UV resistant cedar hot tub for sale

Outside of the tub has visually stunning Canadian cedar wood finished off with New Zealand made Haarlem Danish Oil which is a premium quality wood oil sourced from natural renewable resources (tung oil and vegetable turpentine). 3 x #316 stainless steel bands wrap around the tub to complete the beautiful look.

Efficient Cedar Hot Tubs for sale nz

Our tubs all come with a thick 100% polyester thermal insulation layer filling the wall cavity. Also underneath the tub base polystyrene insulation layer. These features together with our New Zealand made heat retention cover results in more efficient and cheaper running costs.

Stainless steel therapeutic massaging jets

Comfortable and stylish cedar wood seating. Optional choice of a raised seat/internal step for easier access or for shorter people. Seats are all clear-coated for better hygiene and to reduce brown coloured water from the cedar.

Mineral Spa – chlorine-free hot tub for sale

Our ozonator with Simple Silver produces natural processes to provide crystal clear, clean and healthy spa water that looks, feels and smells just like nature intended.

NO eye irritation

NO skin irritation

NO chemical smell

NO corrosive effect on spa or associated equipment

Cedar Hot Tubs with optional extras for sale nz

Wi-Fi connectivity available as an optional extra