Paradise Tubs

Tub Models

Model A


Polyethylene Shell

Model B

stainless tub

Stainless Shell

Tub Sizes

Small (2-4 person)

(1500mm Diameter)


Medium (4-6 person)

(1800mm Diameter)


Large (6-8 person)

(2000mm Diameter)


Paradise Hot Tubs - Made In New Zealand

Our Package Includes

  • NZ made premium cedar hot tub
  • Fully insulated for cheaper running costs
  • Cedar top rim pieces (shelf)
  • Cedar pump box cover
  • Compliant, lockable insulated cover
  • SpaNet 2hp 2 speed pump system
  • Electric 3kw heater
  • 50 sqft cartridge filter
  • Touchpad for easy control
  • 6 massaging jets with air bubbles
  • LED multi-coloured underwater light
  • USA made ozonator
  • Silver Cove (5L) chemical/chlorine free water treatment
  • Spare filter cartridge
  • Easy plug 'n' play self-installation

Paradise Hot Tubs - Handcrafted

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Paradise Tub Specifications

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Paradise Tub Prices - SUMMER SALE. $500.00 Off Below Prices

Prices in NZ Dollars and Include GST

Tub Specifications

Numbers in table relate to Model A Tubs. Stainless Steel Tubs add approx. 75kg.

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Paradise Tub Features

  • 6mm Moulded Shell

  • Lockable, Compliant Cover

  • 4x Stainless Massaging Jets

  • Silver Cove Water Treatment

  • Cedar Shelf

  • Cedar Panels

  • #316 Stainless Bands

  • Haarlem Danish Oil

  • Drain Hose

  • Insulation

  • 1.5KW / 3KW Heater

  • Ozonator

  • Underwater LED Light

  • Cedar Seats

  • Clear Polyurethane On Seats (Optional)

  • Air Venturi Bubbles

  • Spanet Touch

  • NZ Made Hot Tubs

  • Wi-Fi (Optional)

  • 2HP 2 Speed Pump

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Paradise Tubs Heating


Pump System

  • Australian SpaNet ‘plug ‘n’ play’ pump system includes a 2 speed quiet and efficient pump with a host of advanced and energy saving features
  • American made ozonator for better/more cost effective natural water treatment
  • Comes all plumbed together and water tested
  • Our pump system sits on the outside of the tub wall. Means more internal space inside the tub to enjoy. Also makes moving the tub easier as opposed to the pump system plumbed onto the side of the tub wall (like other manufacturers making their tubs much heavier and much harder to move tub). Also easier access to the pump system during the cleaning of the filter cartridge
  • User friendly controls with wi-fi as an optional extra. Also includes a built in timer
  • Tub comes with simple to follow instructions and is designed for easy self-installation (or local pool shop can help)


Paradise Hot Tubs - Wood Burner

  • Made in New Zealand from stainless steel
  • Standard burner is rated at approx. 25kw.
  • Option for a bigger burner ($500.00 more) rated at approx. 50kw
  • Comes with all the necessary components including the burner, hose and flue kit
  • The burner sits externally from the hot tub creating more room on the inside of the tub.
  • Two hoses connect the burner to the tub. Heat from the wood fire heats up the water which makes it expand and rise up through the top hose and into the tub. At the same time, cooler water flows in through the bottom hose to replace it.
  • This circulation continues as long as there is a heat source in the burner, so the water in the tub steadily gets hotter.
  • Requires no electricity to run the burner
  • No pump system is included with our gas and wood-fired hot tubs. You have to empty the tub after use or every few days. However a small circulation pump system can be purchased as an optional extra ($975.00) to help to filtrate the water which means emptying the tub water every 3 months or so

Tub Cover

Our Tub Covers

  • Included with all our tubs is a New Zealand made compliant, hard, lockable, heat retention cover.
  • Complies with New Zealand safety standards.
  • Standard supplied colour is black. Other colours available on request.

Downloadable hot tub cover information sheet

Paradise Tub Optional Extras

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  • Curved Cedar Steps
    Price: $750.00


    • Made from Canadian cedar wood
    • Finished off with Teak wood oil
    • Anti-slip treads for extra safety
    • Easily removable so fully compliant


    Width: 770mm
    Depth: 720mm (out from tub wall)
    Height of top step: 530mm
    Height of bottom step: 270mm

    Photo shows clockwise steps

  • Paradise Hot Tubs - Cedar Seat
    Raised Seat / Internal Step
    Price: $445.00

    Advantages for having this item are;

    • Easier access in/out of tub
    • Better for shorter people/children
    • Ideal if getting too hot

    Height is 150mm

  • wifi
    Price: $445.00

    Easy remote access control via your mobile and remote support via the web and SpaNET app.

Why Our Tubs Over Other Full Cedar Tubs...

water drop light

Clearer Water

Paradise tubs have clear water from day 1 (model A & C tubs). Traditional/old style cedar tubs have the problem of sitting in brown coloured water for 2-3 years.

insulation light

Better Insulation

Paradise tubs have insulation packed into the wall and floor. Traditional/old style cedar tubs have the problem of no insulation.

comfort light


Paradise tubs offers a clear polyurethane coating on the seats. Breaking down of the raw wooden seats can cause splintering problems in traditional/old style cedar tubs.

no leaks light

Leak Proof

Paradise tubs utilizes a leak proof polyethylene liner/molded shell. Traditional/old style cedar tubs rely on the cedar wall pieces to swell up and hold the water but wood twists and warps resulting in leaking problems.

cleaner light

Easier To Clean/More Hygenic

Paradise tubs are easier to clean/more hygienic than the raw cedar wood used on traditional/old style cedar tubs which are a problem to keep clean.

money light

Cheaper Running Costs

Paradise tubs have cheaper running costs ($1-$2 a day) due to the insulation we use. Traditional/old style cedar tubs are much more expensive ($5-$6 a day).

natural light

More Natural Water Treatment

Paradise tubs comes with an ozonator and we offer Colloidal silver chemical/chlorine free water treatment product.

clock light

Lasts Longer

Paradise tubs lasts longer due to the products used to construct the tub. The cedar tub wall/floor/seats used on traditional/old style cedar tubs will eventually rot and break down over time.

Advantages of Paradise Tubs

Our 'Paradise Hot Tubs'

  1. Thick wall thickness (105mm)
  2. Polyester insulation packed into wall cavity
  3. Polystyrene insulation layer under tub base
  4. Our energy efficient spas have much cheaper running costs (around $1-$2 a day - depending on climate variables)
  5. Crystal clear water from first fill. No staining
    (Our Model A & C tubs with poly-sealed cedar seats)
  6. More hygienic because of the smooth surfaces of the 6mm polyethylene moulded shell & poly-sealed cedar seats. (Model A & C Tubs)
  7. Easier to clean because of the smooth surfaces of the 6mm polyethylene moulded shell & poly-sealed cedar seats. (Model A & C Tubs)
  8. No leaking problems. We don't rely on the cedar staves to swell up and seal up because we utilize a watertight 6mm polyethylene moulded shell
  9. 360 curved cedar pieces around top rim of tub creating an ideal 'shelf' for glasses etc...
  10. Ozonator included for easier and more effective water treatment
  11. Wi-Fi and chemical/chlorine free water treatment option

Other Cedar Hot Tubs

  1. Thin wall thickness (39mm-45mm)
  2. No wall insulation
  3. No floor insulation
  4. Much dearer running costs
  5. Dark, brown coloured water for 1+ years (from cedar tannins) Off-putting & can stain deck area, towels, bed sheets etc...
  6. Less hygienic because of the rough surfaces of the raw exposed cedar which can trap contaminants
  7. Harder to clean because of the rough surfaces of the raw exposed cedar which can trap contaminants
  8. Possible leaking problems. These tubs generally rely on the swelling and sealing up the cedar staves to make watertight.
  9. No shelf. Added optional extra
  10. No Ozonator
  11. No Wi-Fi option and use of harsh chlorine/chemicals
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Interested in one of our hot tubs? See our models and pricing, or get a personalised quote using our Hot Tub Builder.