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Our Hot Tubs

Our quality cedar hot tubs are all hand-made in New Zealand by skilled craftsmen. We combine the beautiful natural look of Canadian red cedar with the latest in pump technologies together with superior insulation for cheaper running costs and chemical-free water treatment. We can ship anywhere in New Zealand and to Australia.

Prices in nz dollars and includes gst

Tub Styles

Model A


Canadian cedar wood used for:

  • Exterior wall
  • Top curved rim pieces
  • Seats

Polyethylene wall/floor exposed on tub inside

Model B


Canadian cedar wood used for:

  • Exterior wall
  • Top curved rim pieces
  • Interior wall/floor
  • Seats

Polyethylene wall/floor hidden behind the cedar interior wall/floor

Tub Sizes

Small (2-4 person)

(1500mm Diameter)


From: $7,950

Medium (4-6 person)

(1800mm Diameter)


From: $8,950

Large (6-8 person)

(2000mm Diameter)


From: $9,950

Electric Heating

Pump System

  • Our Australian SpaNet pump system contains a quiet and efficient 2 speed pump, filter, heater, American ozonator water treatment device and control unit.
  • The control unit is the ‘brains’ of the pump system and comes with a 5m power cable and plug.
  • Everything is all plumbed together and water tested.
  • The pump system sits on ground level outside of the external tub wall.
  • Compared to other tubs with the pump systems hidden within the tub wall, our pump system layout allows for easier access during maintenance, is lighter (making the tub easier to move), and most importantly is designed to maximize space under the seats, allowing you to stretch out when inside the tub.
  • Tub comes with simple to follow instructions and is designed for easy self-installation (or local pool shop can help).

All Our Tubs Include:

  • Canadian Cedar

    Canadian cedar wood used on outside of tub wall, seats, curved cedar pieces top rim pieces and pump box/steps. Also an option (model B tubs) for internal cedar tub wall/floor.

  • Wood Oil

    The cedar is finished off with premium quality New Zealand made Haarlem Danish wood oil which gives a beautiful natural look as well as UV protection.

  • Stainless Steel

    High quality #316 stainless steel is used for the screws and 3 outside bands around tub

  • Polyethylene Wall/Floor

    Our tubs utilize a 6mm rigid black polyethylene wall/floor which is made in New Zealand and comes with a 5 year warranty. Compared to traditional ‘old style’ cedar tubs that rely on the cedar wall pieces to hopefully swell up and seal, the polyethylene wall/floor used in our tubs has the advantage of producing a leak free tub, does not produce tannins which causes the water to turn brown for 1+ yrs, is more hygienic and easier to clean, provides better insulation resulting in cheaper running costs, safe to bath in (same non-toxic/food grade product as used for household water tanks), lower maintenance, no wood rot and breaking down of the cedar walls so has a longer life span.

  • Insulation

    Tub wall cavity is packed with a water resistant polyester insulation. Also, under the tub base is a polystyrene insulation layer. These features make our tubs super efficient with minimal heat loss resulting in far cheaper running costs compared to ‘old style’ cedar hot tubs.

  • Hard Cover

    Lockable, compliant, heat retention hard cover made in New Zealand from marine grade vinyl. Standard colour is black. Other colours available.

  • Pump System

    Our Australian SpaNet pump system comes with the following; A quiet and efficient 2 speed 1.5hp pump, 50sqft cartridge filter, Heater – choice of either a 3kw/15 amp or 1.5kw/10 amp (normal household plug), American ozonator water treatment device for easier and better water treatment managament, LED multi-coloured underwater light, 4 x stainless steel therapeutic massaging jets, 4 x air venturi bubbles and a Digital Touchpad.

  • Wi-fi and chlorine free water treatment options available

Hot Tub Sizes:

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Hot Tub Pricing:

Optional Extras

Please tap items for more information

  • Curved Steps
    Price: $1275.00


    • Made from Canadian cedar wood
    • Finished off with wood oil
    • Choice of steps rising up in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Photo shows anti-clockwise steps
    • Anti-slip tread for extra safety


    Width: 640mm (out from tub)
    Height of top step: 760mm
    Height of middle step: 510mm
    Height of bottom step: 250mm

  • Paradise Hot Tubs - Straight Cedar Stairs
    Removable Steps
    Price: $575.00
    • Made from Canadian cedar
    • Anti-slip tread for extra safety
    • Finished off with Danish Tung oil


    Width: 600mm
    Depth (out from tub): 750mm
    Height of top step: 680mm
    Height of middle step: 460mm
    Height of bottom step: 230mm

  • Paradise Hot Tubs - Vinyl Lid Colours
    Vinyl Lid Colours


    • Black (standard – no extra)
    • Navy ($100.00 extra)
    • Earth ($100.00 extra)
    • Forest Green ($100.00 extra)
    • Brown ($100.00 extra)
    • Charcoal ($100.00 extra)
  • Wi-Fi
    Price: $445.00

    Easy remote access control via your mobile and remote support via the web and SpaNET app.

  • Silver Cove
    Price: $70.00

    Replace chlorine or bromine in your spa pool with health and skin-enhancing virtues of Colloid Silver.  Silver Cove’s colloidal formula is :

    • Environmentally safe and natural
    • Based on a unique formula of colloidal minerals and oxygen to deal with all pathogens and algae
    • Colloidal silver is widely acknowledged for its therapeutic effect on many skin problems
    • Odourless and tasteless

    Buy Silver Cove water treatment from:


    Search this website for: silver cove

  • Spare filter cartridge
    Price: $85.00

    Good idea to have a spare filter cartridge and rotate the cleaning between the spare and the one supplied with the tub.

    Buy new filter cartridges from:


    Search this website for: 370 x 185mm Davey Spa Quip C500 Spa Pool Filter

  • Hot Tub Maintenance Kit
    Price: $125.00


    • Spa-Vac Underwater Vacuum (connects to your garden hose)
    • Spa Scoop
    • Spa Brush
    • Scum Absorbing Disk

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