Water Treatment

Ozone Water Treatment

Enjoy the benefits of our natural spa treatment on your Paradise Hot Tub.

Ozone Spa Sanitiser

Our OZONE SPA SANITISER uses natural processes to provide crystal clear, clean and healthy spa water that looks, feels and smells just like nature intended.

  • NO eye irritation
  • NO skin irritation
  • NO chemical smell
  • NO corrosive effect on spa or associated equipment

OZONE disinfection is much more effective than chlorine in killing Giardia, Noro Virus, Crypto and is proven to control and remove unwanted chloramines.

Some chlorine free sanitiser may still be needed to be used to maintain a residual and for shock treatments.

Silver Cove

Price: $70.00

Replace chlorine or bromine in your spa pool with health and skin-enhancing virtues of Colloid Silver.  Silver Cove’s colloidal formula is :

  • Environmentally safe and natural
  • Odourless and tasteless
  • Safe to drain old tub water onto garden when emptying and refilling the tub
  • Based on a unique formula of colloidal minerals and oxygen to deal with all pathogens and algae
  • Colloidal silver is widely acknowledged for its therapeutic effect on many skin problems

Buy Silver Cove water treatment from: www.spastore.co.nz Search this website for: silver cove